Vol 23, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

The Male Urogenital System of the Siberian Salamander Salamandrella keyserlingii (Caudata: Hynobiidae) with Special Reference to the Microstructure of the Testes and Sperm Transport Complex PDF
Vadim V. Yartsev, Valentina N. Kuranova, Galina S. Martynova 1-6
Species Richness of Montane Herpetofauna of Southern Eastern Ghats, India: A Historical Resume and a Descriptive Checklist PDF
S. R. Ganesh, M. Arumugam 7-24
Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca, Departamento San Pedro: Paraguay’s First Important Area for the Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles? PDF
Paul Smith, Karina Atkinson, Jean-Paul Brouard, Helen Pheasey 25-34
Age, Body Size, and Growth in a Population of the Asiatic Toad Bufo gargarizans from Central China PDF
Yuanye Sun, Jianli Xiong, Yunyun Lv, Yanan Zhang 35-40
Rediscovery of Theloderma moloch (Amphibia: Anura: Rhacophoridae) from Southeast Tibet, China after 102 Years PDF
Cheng Li, Mian Hou, Guo-hua Yu, Fang Yan, Bing-zhang Li, Ke Jiang, Pi-peng Li, Nikolai L. Orlov 41-54
Notes on Natural History, New Distribution Records and Threats of Indian Egg Eater Snake Elachistodon westermanni Reinhardt, 1863 (Serpentes: Colubridae): Implications for Conservation PDF
Parag Hemachandra Dandge, Ashish Dilip Tiple 55-62
A New Species of the Frog Genus Pseudocallulops from the Foja Mountains in Northwestern New Guinea (Amphibia, Microhylidae) PDF
Rainer Günther, Stephen Richards, Burhan Tjaturadi 63-69

Short Communications

Record of Albino Sand Boa (Gongylophis conicus) from Sangli District, Western Maharashtra, India PDF
Suresh Mallappa Kumbar, Abhijit B. Ghadage, Satywan S. Patil, Swapnali B. Lad 70-72
Erythrism in the Smooth Snake, Coronella austriaca (Laurenti, 1768), Recorded from Georgia PDF
Zdeněk Mačát, David Hegner, Daniel Jablonski 73-76
Defensive Caudal Display in Uropeltis pulneyensis Beddome 1863 (Serpentes: Uropeltidae) from Palani Hills, Western Ghats, India PDF
Gnanaselvan Melvinselvan, Das Nibedita 77-80
Confirmation of the Red-Backed Rat Snake Oocatochus rufodorsatus (Cantor, 1842) (Squamata: Colubridae) in Amur Oblast’, Russian Federation PDF
Adam Carsten Stein, Viktoriia Alexandrovna Kalinina 81-82