Vol 5, No 1 (1998)

Proceedings of the First Asian Herpetological Meeting. Part 1

Edited by N. Ananjeva, Er-mi Zhao, T. Papenfuss,
and B. Tuniyev.

Published June 25, 1998.

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note PDF

The Biology and Conservation of Asian Amphibians and Reptiles

The Ecological and Behavioral Research of Andrias davidianus and its protection PDF
Wen-fa Cheng 2-4
Skin Resistance to Water Loss in Viperid Snakes PDF
Razi Dmi’el 5-9
Foam Gland and Chemical Analysis of the Foam of Polypedates leucomystax (Gravenhorst 1829) (Anura: Rhacophoridae) PDF
K. Kabisch, Hans-Werner Herrmann, P. Klossek, H. Luppa, K. Brauer 10-14
Reproduction of Shinisaurus crocodilurus Ahl., 1930 at the Moscow Zoo PDF
Sergei V. Kudryavtsev, Dmitri B. Vassiliev 15-16
Notes on the Reproductive Biology of Rare Asian Ratsnake (Elaphe persica) PDF
Sergei V. Mamet, Sergei V. Kudryavtsev 17-19
Conservation-Oriented Herpetological Research in Israel PDF
Yehudah L. Werner, Eliezer Frankenberg, Eyal Shy 20-26
Preliminary Study of Lipid Fatty Acid Composition in the Chinese Alligator (Alligator sinensis) PDF
Yanmao Zhou, Xiaomei Xie, Zhengdong Zhang, Guosheng Wang, Chaolin Wang 27-28

Systematics, Faunistic, and Morphology

The Skull Structure of Some Arid Asian Agamids of Phrynocephalus Genus (Agamidae, Sauria) PDF
Natalia B. Ananjeva 29-35
Morphological Adaptations for Egg-Eating in the Snake Elaphe davidi Sauvage 1884 PDF
Notker Helfenberger, Beat Schätti 36-42
Karyotype of the Chinese Endemic Species Boiga kraepelini Stejneger (Colubridae) PDF
Mei-Hua Huang, You-jin Yang, Xingfu Xie, Yun-Fang Qu 43
Sexual Dimorphism and Reproduction in the Grass Lizard Takydromus septentrionalis PDF
Xiang Ji, Wenhui Zhou, Xiaodong Zhang, Huiqing Gu 44-48
Survey of Amphibians of Mengla County, Xishuang Banna, Southern Yunnan Province PDF
Kou Zhi-tong 49-50
Two New Species of Leptobrachium (Anura: Megophryidae) from the Central Highlands of Vietnam with a Redescription of Leptobrachium chapaense PDF
Amy Lathrop, Robert W. Murphy, Nikolai L. Orlov, Cuc Thu Ho 51-60
A New Species of Mountain Stream Snake, Genus Opisthotropis Gunther, 1872 (Serpentes: Colubridae: Natricinae), from the Tropical Rain Forests of Southern Vietnam PDF
Nikolai L. Orlov, Ilya S. Darevsky, Robert W. Murphy 61-64
Comparison of Karyotypes of Four Toads of the Genera Bufo and Torrentophryne of China PDF
Ding-qi Rao, Da-tong Yang, Rui-fang Wang 65-69
A New Species of Sinonatrix (Serpentes: Colubridae) of China with Preliminary Survey on Sinonatrix PDF
Ding-qi Rao, Da-tong Yang 70-73
Report on Fauna of Amphibians and Reptiles from Eastern Kopet Dag in Turkmenistan PDF
Boris S. Tuniyev, Chary Atayev, Sakhat Shammakov 74-81
Surveys of Snakes in Deqing County, Guangdong Province, China PDF
Rui-guang Xie, Zhi-huan Liu, Shi-mu Qiu, Wei-rong Zheng, Jian-Xing Nie, Wo-hong Ma 82
Description of the Distinct Pit Viper of Genus Ermia (Serpentes: Viperidae) of China PDF
Fu-ji Zhang 83-84
Studies of Snakes of the Jiangsu Province PDF
Shou-chang Zou, Cai-fa Chen 85-88