First Report on the Herpetofauna of Pulau Pangkor, Perak, Malaysia

Chan Kin Onn, Johan van Rooijen, L. Lee Grismer, Daicus Belabut, Mohd. Abdul Muin Md. Akil, Jamaludin Hamidi, Rick Gregory, Ahmad Norhayati


Pulau Pangkor is an important island off the west coast of Perak, Peninsular Malaysia which contains three forest reserves and a permanent source of freshwater. Despite that, the herpetofauna of the island has never been studied before. This paper represents the first report on the herpetofauna of Pulau Pangkor with the documentation of 13 species of amphibians and 44 reptiles. These numbers are by no means exhaustive and future studies are expected to uncover new records.


Peninsular Malaysia; amphibians; reptiles; survey

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