Rediscovery of the Rare Thai Scincid Lizard Sphenomorphus lineopunctulatus Taylor, 1962: New Country Records from Cambodia and Laos and a Redescription

Timo Hartmann, Truong Quang Nguyen, Annemarie Ohler, Hun Chippich, Markus Handschuh, Wolfgang Böhme


We herein report about the first records of the Line-spotted forest skink Sphenomorphus lineopunctulatus, a species previously known from a single specimen only from Thailand, for Cambodia and Laos. Based on the new material, we provide a redescription and first natural history notes of the species.


Squamata; Scincidae; Lygosominae; Sphenomorphus lineopunctulatus; Thailand; Cambodia; Laos; rediscovery; new records; redescription

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