A New Species of Rupicolus Gecko of the Genus Hemidactylus Oken, 1817 (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Maharashtra, Central India

Parag Hemchandra Dandge, Ashish Diliprao Tiple


The genus Hemidactylus Oken, 1817 has 26 species reported from the Indian region. Here we report a new species, Hemidactylus hemchandrai sp. nov. collected from the unprotected peripheral region of the Navegaon Bandh National Park, district Bhandara, eastern Maharashtra, Central India. The new species can be distinguished from other species of Hemidactylus, Hemidactylus hemchandrai having snout to vent length 63 to 86 mm, 12 to 15 rows of irregularly arranged flattened to weekly conical tubercles on the dorsum, 6 to 7 rows of tubercles on the first segment of the tail, 9 lamellae on first digit of pes, 14 lamellae on fourth digit of pes, 10 to 11 femoral pores in male separated by 5 to 6 scales, 11 to 12 supralabials and 8 to 10 infralabials.


Hemidactylus hemchandrai sp. nov.; Squamata; Reptilia; Central India; Navegaon National Park

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2015-22-3-233-240


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