Taxonomic Status of Some Lacerta danfordi (Günther, 1876) Populations

Ethem Çevik, Eyup Başkale, Uğur Kaya, Ferai Turgay


Morphometric characters and pholidosis features of Tınaztepe (Konya), Çamlıyayla, and Sebil (İçel) Lacerta danfordi populations from Turkey were examined and interpreted by univariate and multivariate analysis methods. As a result of these analyses, Tınaztepe population was found to differ from Çamlıyayla and Sebil populations. We recognize two subspecies of L. danfordi, and our detailed analysis results demonstrate that the Tınaztepe population represents subspecies of L. d. bileki, and both Çamlıyayla and Sebil populations represent L. d. danfordi. Other subspecies in the remaining part of the species’ range are needed for further detailed comparisons to clarify their taxonomical positions.


Lacerta danfordi; L. d. bileki; L. d. danfordi; Tэnaztepe; Зamlэyayla; Sebil

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