Formation and Bone Growth Mark Patterns in the Indian Skipper Frog Rana cyanophlyctis (Schn.)

Suresh M. Kumbar, Katti Pancharatna


Formation and pattern of distribution of bone growth marks were studied in the phalangeal bones of the Indian skipper frog Rana cyanophlyctis using skeletochronology. Frogs belonging to different age groups such as pre-metamorphic larvae, metamorphosed frog-lets, young, sub-adult and adults were used for the study. Lines of arrested growth (LAGs), including the line of metamorphosis, and sexual maturity were observed in the phalangeal histology of frogs at different stages of growth. The results reveal that in this frog growth mark patterns vary with the age and growth of the individual.


frog; Rana cyanophlyctis; expression; distribution; growth marks; skeletochronology

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