A New Species of the Genus Boiga (Serpentes, Colubridae, Colubrinae) from Tanahjampea Island and Description of «Black Form» of Boiga cynodon Complex from Sumatra (Indonesia)

Nikolai L. Orlov, Sergei A. Ryabov


Present article consists of three parts: 1. The description of a new species of the genus Boiga is based on the morphometric examination of 8 adult specimens (5 males and 3 females) from the Tanahjampea island (Sulawesi Selatan Province, Indonesia). Snakes were collected in 1999 and kept at the Tula Exotarium (Russia), and later were transferred to the collection of Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg for further examination. Moreover, for the analysis of the coloration several dozens of live individuals of this species were studied (including juveniles). Also, a comparative analysis of the new species with all the species of the Boiga genus of the Sunda Archipelago (Indonesia) and southern Indochina was carried out: Boiga cynodon, B. dendrophila ssp., B. drapiezii, B. irregularis, B. jaspidea, B. multomaculata, B. nigriceps, B. cyanea, B. guangxiensis, B. ocellata, B. saengsomi. 2. A detailed description of an unusual color form of Boiga cf. cynodon «black form» collected in 1999 from the island of Sumatra (Bengkulu Province, Indonesia) is given. Comparison of this record with known literature data from Southeast Asia is discussed. 3. A complete annotated list of all the species of Boiga genus is presented.


new species; Boiga tanahjampeana; Tanahjampea Island; Indonesia; Boiga cynodon complex; check-list of the genus Boiga

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