A Reassessment of the Distribution of Cuora flavomarginata Gray 1863 on Mainland China

Jonathan J. Fong, James Ford Parham, Jinzong Fu


The geographic distribution of Cuora flavomarginata Gray 1863 is poorly known, but an examination of the Chinese literature and museum records helps elucidate its historic range. According to these data, there are two clusters of localities, one on the eastern coast of China near and along the Fuchun and Yangtze River drainage and another in southern China along the Pearl River drainage. The localities in southern China are probably invalid due to the turtle trade. The best estimate of the historical distribution of C. flavomarginata is along the eastern Yangtze River and its associated tributaries as well as the Fuchun drainage. The identification of viable C. flavomarginata populations in these areas, if they still exist, is necessary for their conservation.


Cuora flavomarginata; China; distribution; turtle trade

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2002-9-1-8-14


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