Preliminary Survey on Reptiles of Jassore Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat State, India

Raju Vyas


The Jassore Wildlife Sanctuary is falls in the semi-arid 4B Gujarat-Rajwada Biotic Province one of the prime habitats of the Sloth Bear (Melursus ursinus) and an important protected area of the state. The sanctuary located at the northern end of Gujarat State in Banaskantha district and is at the end of south-west part of the Arrawali Range. This is the first survey on reptiles of the Sanctuary. A total of 34 species, belonging to 12 families of reptiles, have been recorded, including three species of turtles, 16 species of lizards and 15 species of snakes. The habitat-wise classification of the reptile fauna shows that there are 16 species of terrestrial, 11 species arboreal, three species of aquatic and four species of fossorial reptiles.


reptilian diversity; protected area; Gujarat; India; survey; Jassore Wildlife Sanctuary

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