New Data on the Turtles from the Early Eocene of Kirghizia

Igor G. Danilov, Alexander O. Averianov


Based on new material from the Andarak 2 locality in southern Kirghizia (early Eocene, late Ypresian), the testudinid Ergilemys vialovi Ckhikvadze, 1984, is assigned to the subgenus Hadrianus Cope, 1872, of the genus Manouria Gray, 1852. Part of the humerus of the oldest known cheloniine sea turtle is described from the same locality. The cheloniine sea turtles might have evolved during the Ypresian, an interval during which Cenozoic sea turtles were exceptionally diverse.


Manouria; Hadrianus; Cheloniinae; early Eocene; Kirghizia

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