A New Ictidosuchid Karenites ornamentatus (Theriodontia) from the Upper Permian of the Kotel’nich Locality in the Kirov Region

Leonid P. Tatarinov


The new ictidosuchid has small trituberculate postcanines which testifies to its to insectivores. The skull is sculptured in some places, the postorbital arch is complete, the parietal crest is high, and the parietal foramen is absent. The coronoid process does not practically rise above the edge of the jaw. The carotid and Vidian canals are absent. The basipterygoid processes articulate only with the epipterygoids, the pterygoids are connected by a suture with the basisphenoid rostrum. The mesethmoid olfactory concha are ossified. The stapes is connected with the quadratum only by its edge, the major part of the distal end of the stapes is free and when the mouth is closed the ossicle contacts with the internal flank of the lower jaw, formed by the prearticulare and the articulare. On the lower edge of the dentale at its posterior end there is a concave sculptured platform; it is possible that this part of the jaw in a lying animal leaned on a substrate and functioned as the beginning of an additional system of sound transmission from the substrate through the lower aaw directly to the stapes. The palatal teeth are represented by elongated denticulate crests on the palatine, anteromedial and anterolateral groups on the pterygoids, and dentition on the transverse processes of the pterygoids.


theriodonts; letidosuchids; Upper Permian; European Russia; morphology; skull

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-1995-2-1-18-33


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