The Amphibian Fauna of Lata Bukit Hijau, Kedah, Malaysia

Shahrudin Shahriza


The amphibian fauna of Lata Bukit Hijau (Mempelam River), Kedah, Malaysia was investigated for a period of four years starting from 1999 until 2002. The result showed 18 species of amphibians from 12 genera and six families were present in the area. These species list included Leptobrachium hendricksoni and Megophrys nasuta from the family Megophryidae; Phrynoidis aspera and Ingerophrynus parvus from the family Bufonidae; Fejervarya limnocharis, Limnonectes blythii, Limnonectes paramacrodon, and Occidozyga laevis from the family Dicroglossidae; Amolops larutensis, Hylarana labialis, Hylarana erythraea, Hylarana glandulosa, Hylarana nicobariensis, Hylarana picturata, and Odorrana hosii from the family Ranidae; Microhyla butleri and Microhyla heymonsi from the family Microhylidae; and finally Polypedates leucomystax from the family Rhacophoridae. The presence of various forest frogs indicated that the area is still pristine and provide suitable environment for the frogs to live and breed. Meanwhile, the present of several commensal species like F. limnocharis, H. erythraea, M. butleri, M. heymonsi, and P. leucomystax indicated that the area had been explored by human but in minimal disturbances level. Frogs from the family of Ranidae and Bufonidae were the most frequent specimens found during the observations and P. aspera seems to be the dominant species in the area.


Lata Bukit Hijau; Kedah; Peninsular Malaysia; amphibians; diversity

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