New Locality Records Extended the Distribution of Telescopus nigriceps (Ahl, 1924), Black Headed Cat Snake, in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey

Çetin Ilgaz, Aziz Avcı, Yusuf Kumlutaş, İbrahim Baran, Adem Özdemir


Two Telescopus nigriceps (Ahl, 1924) specimens were found Şanlıurfa and Kilis, except the known locality (Ceylanpınar-Şanlıurfa) in Southern Anatolia. Moreover, the distribution range of the species was extended with additional two new localities and the known northernmost range of the species was determined as Şanlıurfa in the Middle East. Regarding pholidosis characters, morphometric measurements and color-pattern features, Şanlıurfa and Kilis specimens show a similarity with Ceylanpınar-Şanlıurfa, Syrian, and Jordan specimens.


Telescopus nigriceps; new locality; distribution; morphology; Şanlıurfa; Kilis; Turkey

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