Eirenis thospitis Schmidtler et Lanza, 1990 (Reptilia: Colubridae): New to Iran

Atefeh Asadi, Amin Salmanian, Mohammad Kaboli


The dwarf snakes of the colubrine genus Eirenis comprises 24 species, in which 12 to 14 species are found in Iran. Eirenis thospitis has been described on the basis of specimens which had been collected in Turkey. We found an adult male of this species in Iran, near the Marmishoo River, and about 150 km from the type locality of this species. Our new record is the fifth record of Eirenis thospitis, and the first for Iran. The two recent records of the species in Iran and Iraq indicate that the species has a broader distribution between the three countries.


Eirenis thospitis; Marmishoo valey; Iran

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30906/1026-2296-2020-27-6-369-372


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