New Records of the Geckonid Lizard, Cyrtopodion heterocercum heterocercum (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Isfahan Province, Central Iran, with an Extended Description and Notes on Distribution

Nasrullah Rastegar-Pouyani, Hamzeh Oraei, Morteza Johari


Based on extensive study and field work in various regions of the central Iranian Plateau, eight specimens of the geckonid lizard, Cyrtopodion heterocercum, were collected from Khansar, Kashan and Semirom in Isfahan Province, central Iran. The collected specimens were examined based on metric, meristic and pholidosis characters, as well as color pattern, and compared with 12 specimens of the same species, belonging to the Zoological Museum of Razi University, collected from Kermanshah and Hamedan Provinces. These comparisons were not indicative of distinct morphological differences between specimens occurring in the central Iranian Plateau (the new records) with those occurring in western regions of the Iranian Plateau (Kermanshah and Hamedan Provinces).


Gekkonidae; Cyrtopodion heterocercum heterocercum; new records; morphology; Isfahan Province; Iranian Plateau; distribution

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