An Agamid Specimen from Manipur (India) Formerly Thought to be Pseudocalotes microlepis (Boulenger, 1888) Seems to Be an Undescribed Species

Varada Raju, Sunandan Das, Probhat Bag, Sujoy Raha


For several years, record of Pseudocalotes microlepis from Manipur (India) has been a matter of debate among Indian herpetologists. We studied the specimen in question and found that the specimen differs from Pseudocalotes microlepis and all other described Agamid lizards of North East India and adjacent Myanmar. On the basis of morphological characters, we assign it provisionally to genus Calotes and it seems to represent a hitherto undescribed species. However, we cannot currently describe it as the specimen is in rather bad condition and thus precludes the description of important characters.


Pseudocalotes; North East India; Agamidae; Calotes

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