Captive Breeding of the Colubrid Snake Oligodon purpurascens (Schlegel, 1837) (Reptilia: Squamata)

Johan van Rooijen


Results of the first captive breeding of Oligodon purpurascens are provided. A female from West Malaysia was introduced to a male from East Malaysia. Mating took 23 hours. In the ten-month period after mating, the female was kept separately and during this period it produced four clutches comprising 7 – 9 eggs. The first clutch was laid 50 days after mating. The first two clutches were incubated at a constant temperature of 28.5°C. Hatching occurred after 67 – 77 days. Juveniles measured 18 – 20 cm. Feeding the hatchlings was difficult. Only after several months did they eat autonomously. As a consequence, growth was hampered initially.


breeding; captive; Oligodon purpurascens; sperm storage

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