Russian Journal of Herpetology

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Russian Journal of Herpetology (founded in 1993) is an international multi-disciplinary journal devoted to herpetology. Russian Journal of Herpetology accepts original papers on ecology, behavior, conservation, systematics, evolutionary morphology, paleontology, physiology, cytology and genetics of amphibians and reptiles.

Of particular emphasis is the conservation of species of amphibians and reptiles, their associations and habitats. Although much attention is given to fundamental research, papers devoted to breeding in captivity and propagation of amphibians and reptiles will be welcomed and presented in the special part of the journal.

The ultimate aim of the journal is to provide an effective medium for communication of the latest and best scientific information from the expanding, interdisciplinary, and international scientific community focusing on new methods and ideas in progress and to promote cooperation between Russian and foreign scientific and commercial organizations.

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Vol 26, No 4 (2019)

Cover Page

Cover photo: Boiga jaspidea (Duméril, Bibron et Duméril, 1854). Nam Ka nature conservation area, Lak District, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam; 650 m a.s.l. Photo by Nikolai L. Orlov and Larissa K. Iogansen

Published September 10, 2019